No sign of labour at 39 weeks.

Week 39 day 3. No contractions or symptoms of labour yet. However, i just had diarrhoea today, is this a sign of labour? Should i opt to be induced if lets say theres no progress by week 40? This is my first time pregnancy and hope to get some tips/advices. Thank you!

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Same as me 7months ago. I had to be induce on my EDD as gynae was afraid baby May become to big to be out later. Given an option of either induce on EDD or wait till Week 41. Gave birth on 40 1. After he shared the complications, I opted for induce instead. Baby came out around 3.4kg. Your gynae may have a check on your dilation too, at least to know where you guys at. Have a smooth delivery mama!

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I was supposed to be induced on her EDD (40 weeks) but my contractions started the morning before. Eventually I had to undergo emergency c-sect to save both me and baby’s life. My baby came out 3.7kg. If I were to choose again, I’d choose to let it happen naturally. I heard induced is much more painful. And I have a low threshold for pain.

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Yes, best to let it happen naturally. Get your gynae advice. Gynae will do a check before they advice what's the best option for you. Mine came out after EDD. Book date for induce but still praying hard for natural and talk to baby more. And yes, baby came out before induce date.

Your gynae will advice you according to your situation. I wanted to wait for bb’s cue but I had to be induced at 40w3d as my amniotic fluid was low.

best to let it happen naturally instead of inducing