Mind sharing what toys are your 3 months old baby playing? :) Are they starting to grab on to toys and bite them?

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My started stuffing everything into his mouth at around 5 months. At 3 months we just put him in the play gym.

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Hi... you might find this article informative https://sg.theasianparent.com/how-to-choose-baby-toys-and-games

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Pots and pans at home are your child’s Best Friend. No need waste money 🤣

my bb played with his bean bag. he just sucked his fists only.

Mine loved the O ball. He grabs them and tried to eat them

Some simple soft material rattles and big size Lego blocks.

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Rattles with sound is the best toys for them this age now.

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Mine only likes playing with balls and nothing else. Lol

give cold clean carrot or cucumber to bite instead. ☺

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Soft books with different textures. Rattle