Toys for 10 Months Old

My 9+ months boy seems to not like playing with toys. I feel like I've been getting the wrong types for him (i.e. electronic kinds that make sounds when you press buttons, etc). I saw online that open ended toys are good for their development and they might have more interest. What do you recommend for a 9+ months boy? I'm unable to give him things like cardboard box as he'll just eat it.

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Try the fisher price sorter? The pcs are small enough hold in his hands but just make sure they r clean cos everything goes into the mouth. He also likes the leap frog spin a little and loves the little tike ride. Sometimes just those teethers with different textures will do too


Oh there are so many toys that are both fun and educational for that age group. Toys that require sorting colours and shapes. Those that build gross and fine motor skills like blocks and stacking toys. Those that engage and entertain like cars and other toys with sounds.

This might sound funny but the toys they ll enjoy playing with the most at this age are spoons and boxes/ cans. They can spend hours hitting on metal cans and listening to the different kinds of sounds.

Wow same like my 8mo girl. She is not interested with toy yet but she like to eat paper.. Hahaha. So trying to figure out what to give to her, definitely not paper😉

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Don’t need to hurry. Some simple toys which aren’t big enough for him to put into his mouth will do.

I made homemade sensory activities/toys for my child to play. It helps🤩

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I am using those music drums, dogs etc. Fisher price and bru from toyrus

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What about those soft toys with bells and ringers around them?

You can get those wooden toys one, or stacking puzzle kins