What kind of toys do you give your Lo? Seems that babies drink and sleep, anything that we can do when they are awake? Sorry ftm here, LO is 6 months old.

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Household items: Look no farther than your kitchen cabinet for some of your baby's favorite items: a plastic bowl, some measuring cups, and wooden spoons will entertain your baby for a long time. Keep these and other baby-safe items in a lower cabinet and open it up for her whenever you're tidying up or sitting at the kitchen table. Watch your baby have big fun taking things out and mixing up imaginary treats. Books: At this age, reading becomes more interactive and fun for both of you. Reading together is critical for your baby's developing language skills, which are starting to take off rapidly. (Find out more about reading to your child.) Cloth or board books work well. After you read the book, pass it to her so she can take a turn flipping the pages and "reading" to you. Toys that make noise: Stack a few blocks and then let your baby knock them down. Squeaky toys, simple musical instruments that make a noise when your baby bangs on them, toy phones, and activity cubes that make a noise when your baby pokes, squeezes, or shakes them are all entertaining for your baby. The noise shouldn't be too loud – some toys can be loud enough to damage your baby's hearing, especially because babies usually hold toys close to their faces. Push toys: As your baby begins to move around, she'll be more interested in toys that do the same. Find some sturdy cars or animals on wheels that she can push around the rug. Toys to handle and manipulate: Your baby's getting the idea that he can make things happen, so poking, twisting, squeezing, shaking, dropping, and opening things will fascinate him. Nesting cups, stacking blocks and ring cones, toys with levers, and toys that let him fit one object into another will be a big hit. At bath time, he'll love filling a cup and emptying it out again. Soft dolls or stuffed animals: Babies this age often develop an attachment to a lovey – a favorite toy or blanket. Pediatricians encourage this connection, saying a familiar object can ease transitions later on. Still, some dolls and stuffed animals make more suitable loveys than others. Avoid ones with ribbons, plastic eyes, yarn, or anything that can be pulled off and put into your child's mouth. And don't get dolls so big they're hard for your baby to pick up. Look for washable fabric toys labeled "flame resistant" or "flame retardant."

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Babies at 6 mths old can play with any and everything!!! As long as its safe and no choking hazard. Toys are so over rated and pricey. Mirrors, brushes, spoons, things with reflection and noises get them all excited.

We started on Flashcards at 5 months. You can get the glen Doman program. We also started Swimming at 6 months. Now baby is 9 months and her Favourite activity is to play with lego duplo

Flashcards, ball (that have bell inside), anything that makes noise, read story books to them. Shaker. Any thing that can produce sound and is not a choking hazard :)

Ahhhh when i cook i give him my spoonspots and pans. He gets engaged for hours.

I suggest picking up lots of balls. Get lightweight Ones and textured balls

6 months old you can consider stacking toys. Soft cloth block or books.

I got stacking cups from ikea for $2.90 my boy loves them


Balls with slots for shapes are also great first toys

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