Are Delivery Charges Different In Weekdays Vs Sat And Sun?

Might need to schedule an induction or c section. Will be delivering at TMC. Any Mummies have any idea if the bill will be more expensive if I deliver on weekends vs weekdays? Eg. PD or gynae charge higher or other delivery related charges will be higher?

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I used to work thr.. Nope.. No changes w the price of the hospital.. But charges for the dr after hrs w be different.. Check w yr dr..

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I dont think so.. I gave birth for weekend and weekdays but no changes at all . Room price r fixed in a package

Diff gynae hosp chrge differently. After office hrs and wkends they chrged diff price

Dr changes is diff i think weekday from weekend. But hospital not so sure..

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Not sure.. do u mind to check and update some of us?