6 Weeks in and no detection of baby yet

Hi mamas, first time mama here. Just went for my first consultation and did a scan via the vag and to only see a small little water bag. The doctor says its a Pregnancy of uncertain viability and it might go down the way of a baby developing or a miscarriage. I am currently 6 weeks in and the doctor arranged for me to go back 2 weeks later to check again... I am kinda worried...wondering if any other mamas here experience the same thing before too?

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I had the same experience. when gynae first check through vaginal ultrasound, he said my sac doesn't looks good. He told me to come back in 2 weeks time and still empty sac at week 8. He told me to come back at week 10 and confirmed I had a blighted ovum. I'm pregnant again now. Baby heartbeat detected at week 6. May all go smoothly for you!

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Hey! I was just like you. I checked at week 5+ 5days and I was told no yolk was sighted. My gynea told me the same thing but at week 8, the little one showed up! maybe your little one is shy? 🤭 stay positive and keep faith! your mental health is the most impt thing now ❤

i had a scan at supposedly week 4 and also just saw the sac. i returned in another 3 weeks and im able to see the baby and the heartbeat. just monitor if you experience any unusual pain or bleeding then faster go a&e before your next scan comes

Yeah. It might be too early. Especially if your cycles are irregular. Try to stay positive. I know it might be difficult. But staying positive might be better for your baby too. Pray that it will be a miracle.

it's too early into your pregnancy so nothing to be overly concerned about. Sonographer only detected a sac via vaginal ultrasound at week 7 for me. currently pregnant at week 33

6 weeks is too small , I had a miscarriage at 6 weeks . And I saw that . wasn't even the size of a palm yet . Now I'm 13 weeks , 2nd bb 😊 Stay Positive ❤️

I’m doing my 1st scan on Monday at 6 weeks. Having bad thoughts everytime I got a cramp. ):

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Wk 6 is too early for fetal pole detection. Have faith! All the best

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thank you for your reassurance!