No fetal cardiac during 2nd scans

Hi,its my first pregnancy. I was at 5 weeks pregnant when we did a scan at kkh and theres a heart beat A week later i had a mild cramps, being worried and scared we went to the EPAU . Did a scan and to my horror no fetal cardiac was detected. The gynea at kkh got us to come back again at our original appointment which is two weeks later to get it scan again . Any of other pregnant moms experiencing the same thing before ? Will the fetal cardiac detected again ? #worried

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Best is to get an appointment with your gynae ASAP to check if baby is doing well and to put your mind at ease. I remember going back and forth to the A&E even if I have spotting as I was worried about baby. Do go to TMC A&E or others if comfortable! I would have went to another A&E if I were you just to make sure that everything is okay! Don’t worry too much and take care of yourself too! 😊

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3mo ago

Hi ! Thank you. Kkh is known for its waiting time . Im thinking of going to TMC A&e to have it check .

If I were in your situation, I’d request to go back sooner than having to wait 2 weeks. Do monitor if you have any bleeding or spotting, see the doctor if that happens.

3mo ago

Hi ! Theres no spotting or bleeding .