Kids say the darnest things

Mama: when will you stop drinking milk from a bottle shan? Shan: when I am a big girl Mama: I thought you are a big girl Shan: bigger girl Mama: okay, give me a concrete number - how old will you be Shan: 6 Mama: that’s too old shan. How about 4. Shan: no - that’s next year. I am not ready Mama: okay how about 3.5. Shan: noooooooo, I am already 3.5 mama. I said I am not ready. Mama: okay, compromise Shan: okay, forever. Mama: erm that’s not a compromise. Shan: I said 6 Mama: why 6 Shan: because it’s very far away
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So adorable...😍
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