toddlers say the cutest things

Shan (2 years 5 months): pls ask for my permission before you kiss me mama, it’s not very nice otherwise Mama: can I pls kiss you now, Shan Shan: yes, but only 4 times. Count mama. Mama: okay. 1 kiss, 2 kiss, 3 kiss, 4 kiss, (5....) Shan: no no no no - only 4. Stop. No. No. Only 4. Mama: (still wants to kiss her baby...) okay - now we count to 4 in Bahasa? And then in Chinese? Shan: okay! Mama: yes! Win!

toddlers say the cutest things
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Awww sweet. It's interesting because I also ask permission to kiss my girls (who are 5 and 3 years old), as a subtle way of teaching them about consent