The malays believe that salted fish and prawns have to be avoided totally for the first 40 days after birth as they can cause allergy and itchiness. Is this true?

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I asked my mom about this and she said that it's because prawns and shellfish in general are bottom-feeders in the ocean so they tend to carry more bacteria compared to other seafood. Thus, there is a belief that shellfish, prawns etc should be avoided because it can cause wounds and surgery marks to itch and be inflammed.

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Well it actually depend.. I ate crab , prawn fish before 40days.. and everything is fine ..

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it depends. Some are more prone to shellfish allergies. So i would say avoid to be safe

Nope. Otherwise i would have itched lol. to each its own i suppose.

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I never heard of that from my Malay friends

Is this a myth?