Can I drink water after giving birth? Will it cause any joint problem?

I have been told to drink only red date tea esp during the first month. Cant drink water, also cant touch water.. They said it will cause joint problem in the future or u will be sensitive to wind. I normally drink alot of water at least 2 littre everyday for so long, and suddenly will have to totally cut down my water intake. I dont know if i can survive 😅 Any mummies can u pls share ur experience? TIA!

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Hey mama - firstly, congratulations! Second, I have to respect confinement rules and advice as I’ve seen many women benefit from it. Even the west is becoming more interested and impressed with this practice as it ensures the looking after and healing of mama after birth. However, I will definitely recommend drinking water. Especially if you’re breastfeeding! I mean, we need water for cells and so many other bodily functions! As for touching water, erm, I had a bath immediately after I was done with skin to skin with baby and he was done latching.

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It's a myth! Do drink a lot of water during your confinement period otherwise you'll have more problems like constipation, more fatigue, etc. No, your womb will not swell or you'll have joint problem in the future or you'll have water retention (yes, if you drink less!) which is by common sense, BS & it has also been debunked by doctors 😅 You need to drink a lot for more breast milk. And also, do shower for hygiene reasons. Not sure about red dates tea but I've read some mummies here stopped drinking that cos it was too heaty for them.

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I only drank half a cup of warm water to go with medication or supplements. drinking water will cause water retention issue. I have quite a bit of friends who don't follow and they are having after 3 4 years pp. I'm 20 months pp had epidural and strict confinement. so far I don't have back ache issue.

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Water is super essential for breastfeeding!!!

drank both red date tea and water.. showered daily (a few times daily cos very warm during confinement).. on fan but not direct to myself.. did have joint problem on and off because of frequent carrying, bending, squating while taking care of baby

Hi, Congratulations!! Please drink water regularly and keep yourself hydrated. You need to be healthy to take care of baby and for that you need to drink water regularly

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Of course you can! Please drink all the water you need. If you’re breastfeeding, you may need even 3L of fluids a day.. including soup, drinks, in your food..

yes please keep yourself hydrated. I drank water and showered everyday. health and hygiene more important.

It is a myth, u need to drink alot of water after giving birth to keep yourself hydrated.