40 Weeks & Have Not Delivered

I’m growing anxious that I’m standing at 40 weeks today but have yet to delivered. No obvious signs of labour. Perhaps just the normal slight cramps similar to what I encountered in pregnancy. This is my first pregnancy At 39 weeks + 4 days, Dr did membrane sweep and told me I’m 2cm dilated. Came back home i don’t know if it was discharged or partial mucus plug with tinge of blood. I don’t know if that’s mucus plug or the cause of the membrane sweep. I am growing anxious. I will have to self admit at 40 weeks + 3 days and be induced if i do not deliver by then. I do not want to be induced as i heard it’s more painful. Is that true?

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Induced or not, honestly it's still extremely painful when you start to have contractions but then again you can always ask for epidural which REALLY HELPS. Try to do squats. This exercise helps your cervix to dilate. Or walk at the park. I have more extreme exercise that helps me to dilate but I will not recommend since this is your 1st pregnancy.

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I delivered when I was 40+1 and also induced. don't worry too much as you can opt for epidural. for me personally, I feel induced is not as painful. it is bearable. pls monitor and go to hospital straight if any labour symptoms