How long can a baby not poo? Its been nearly a week and no poo at all, wet diapers of urine only. Yesterday she poo very little. What should i do? Should i see the pd? She is on full bm.

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It can happen once a while but it only happened to my gal after she started solids. Give her a little water? As for those prune purée from stores I will avoid giving to baby as those are sweet .i gather your baby is about 4mo? Maybe too young to start on solids. If really can't poo try to massage the tummy area clockwise and do Bicycle movements with her legs

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Not started solids yet? it's normal for fully bf babies to not poo for up to 10 days. But u can try giving a probiotics drops. We give biogaia. 5 drops once daily. Can be taken everyday. It strengthens their gastro-intestinal immune n relieves constipation or diarrhoea

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Is it okay to start her with those solids? Or need to ask pd? Saw some fruits puree for 4months sold at kiddy palace.

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If on bm only and not taking solids yet, baby can poo anything from once in 7 days to 7 times at day. That's according to a pd.

It's normal if on full bm. U can consider bringing to tcm for baby massage to help a little

My baby previously also can don poop up to 12 to 14 days, on full bm. It's Normal.

If it's already a week. Take to pd. Usually, up to a week is fine. Nothing more.