My lo who is 17 months coming. She is a fussy eater. So stressed to feed her meal during breakfast lunch or dinner. Morning give her cereal, i will bring her out to eat like chee kway, pancake, chee cheong fun. She just eat abit. Lunch or dinner usually i cook porridge, I bring her down to eat chicken rice or some economical food.. She just eat abit. So stress. She only has 4 teeth. She just hates to eat . She loves cracker, hash browns. What can i do. Please advice

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She may want to feed herself like the other person commentated. Try giving her finger foods so she can feed herself and make things easier on you.. boiled eggs...toast that is lightly toasted (this helps with teething too as they can rub their gums on this) ... or soft noodles with vegetables..

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you try a different method. Try Baby Led Weaning! get her to feed herself with food she can pick it up and eat! This way it encourages her to eat better

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Erm for toddler now. They dun eat a lot for a meal but they need many meals