Losing a baby inside of ur tummy it sad because who ever mummy out there lost there baby/child I feel u because I just lost my child few days ago I was 4 month pregnant and a teen mom i cry for days and I know that someday god will give me another baby someday and somehow ❤️

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My dear, i do feel u... maybe its nt time yt as u are far too young... this is gods will maybe he gt much more better for u ahead... pls be strong & move on... As for me i've gt 2 miscarriage last yr July & this yr Jan... yes its paining me inside...

3mo ago

Ur most welcome my dear

Sorry for your loss. I lost my baby last year. No matter how long or short you had your baby with you, it’s still a loss. Give yourself time to grieve. Feel free to reach out if you need a listening ear. Take care.

I noe how u feel dear. I miscarriage 3x in my 1st 4yrs of marriage. always believe God is the best planner. now I am in my 3rd trimester. hope u will get ur rainbow baby soon.. sending love.. ❤

3mo ago

Thank u so much love ❤️☺️

im sorry this happened to you. your baby is lucky to have you as a mum even for a short while :) may you have the strength of heart to go through this. chin up mumma! hugs to you

3mo ago

❤️ thank u so much ☺️

Stay positive. You will have another baby someday. Take good care of your health ya

Super Mum

I feel you hun. God will bless you at the right time my dear. Big hugs.