Baby staring at hands?

My baby is 3 months old and has started to look at her fists. She seem to be trying hard to put her fist into her mouth but don’t succeed yet. Is this normal for her age? Update: Baby started to suck her hands already. Babies develop at different rates and we just got to have faith and not worry too much. Unnecessary comparisons like “oh my baby can do that at xx number of months and so do other mummies” does nothing but exacerbates other mummies’ worries. Let’s all have faith and spread kindness.

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My baby started eating her hands since 2M .. Babies at my EDD group also going thru the same thing. What about her grip? Can she grab things like towel, pacifier, Teether? You might wanna check with PD at her next check up?

10mo ago

Thanks for your reply. I see, seems like I should be worried since most babies can do that at 2 months.. Her grip is ok though, and can hold things for a min or so.