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my lo is coming to 3months. I'm not sure what is expected from my baby. is she suppose to be able to hold her head steadily when doing tummy time on bed/my chest? bc as of now, she cant do it on bed (maybe is soft) but she does relatively well on my chest! sometimes i put her in a sitting position while holding her from her armpits and her head is somewhat stead! is it on the right track? i also talk to my baby and she most of the times respond with coos n ahhs. she also tends to play with her saliva making bubbles. what should i be doing with my baby to get her develop well? am i suppose to read her story books? what kind of toys to get her as well?

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Super Mum

This app actually shows you the development of your baby. Did you input your baby's birth date? If you did, you can just click on the 'footprint' icon to see. What you did sounds good to me and your baby's development is OK too. You can get rattles/squeaky rubber toys/ read colourful books to your LO if you want.

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Hi, The things that you have shared with us show that your baby is doing fine :) Also, please track the baby development on TheAsianParent app and . It also keeps you abreast of all the updates and vital information for parenting

Download whattoexpect app or baby center app, they serve as great tracker for baby milestones