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my lo is having character dress up in school the next week. looking forward to some cool ideas.

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thanks for the awesome ideas! it was a story character as there is a story week going on in school. I realised this just about yesterday. and ended up with a quick red riding hood as she can narrate that story very well! but some.of the ideas were super cool. I'll use them next time!

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I assume your child is a girl because of your profile description. I would suggest dressing her up as something she'd like to be when she grows up. If she's too young to talk, perhaps something you two can match with. Like.. the flinstones or maybe even princess sofia and her mom. :)

If you have a girl, Frozen seems still to be a great inspiration for such events! Or you could go historic. Personally, I would send my little dressed up as a famous scientist/inventor/historic figure. That way, I would be able to inform my kiddo more about the person as well!

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What about as an old lady. It’s funny to see a kid dressed up as an elderly ;p

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you should totally do animals. i think they are cute.