What do you wear for gynae visits?

This might sound silly but as our bellies grow bigger, it seems hard to find skirts that can accommodate the increasing size? Any ideas? Instead of dress then have to lift up the dress to scan 😅#firsttimemom

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I wear loose fitting dresses with safety pants inside initially because I feel shy. But now due to comfort I just wear maternity panties. My gynae and nurses are all females and trust me they have seen more Vs than anything else so I’ve learnt how to be less shy now. 😂 but I find dresses to be most comfortable because my baby really hates the band from shorts/ pants/ skirt. Haha.

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4mo ago

Hahaha I asked the qn cos I was feeling shy about wearing dresses since mine is a male gynae but that’s true!! 😂

Babydoll tops and maternity denim shorts. I find dresses more mafan since i have to lift up the entire thing compared to lift up my top only.

4mo ago

Ooh thanks will look for them!

I used to wear maternity dress as it is quick to put on and quick for scans too. Nothing to be shy of in front of gynaes :)

I always wear tshirt and my normal shorts (not maternity ones). Lucky to be able to fit in my shorts.


i usually wear baby doll dresses during pregnancy which can be worn before & after pregnancy

4mo ago

Ooh yes I’ve recently bought 2!:)

I just wear long dress with leggings, so it wont totally expose when they need to scan 😅

4mo ago

Good idea thanks 😆

For my both pregnancy I wore both normal tee shirt top and shorts.

Loose fitting or babydoll dresses, simple and airy down there

wore husband's shirt and maternity shorts 😅

I wear loose dresses that is easy to lift up