My lo ears is always very dry, may I know how u all keep your lo ears clean and what u use if your lo ears is very dry?

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i dip the ear buds in mustard oil and use it to clear the outer and inner area, as well as add a few drops of the same in the ear canal (only after my kids turned 2 did i add to the ear canal). after some time i wipe all of it with a clean ear bud and the dirt just comes out very easily. i do this twice a week.

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You can clean your baby’s ear by wiping the outer ear with a warm, damp cloth. Twist the end of the cloth to clean a short way into the ear canal. You can do these during bath time. For the dry skin, apply a thin layer of baby oil onto the ears may help. :)

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Any particular oil ?

Instead of oil, maybe you can try Vaseline jelly for baby. Spread a thin layer. My friend use this method during the harsh winter months and it works well to protect their babies' skin.

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Vaseline, coconut oil, olive oil. If I have either one at home in just use anyone of this and gently clean. Then I'll use a damp cloth and wipe.


I assume you are referring to outer ear being dry. A little moisturiser or thin amount if virgin coconut oil should help

i use normal moisturizer to moisturize the ears Just the outer ears.