My LO is 7 months and I offer him abit of puree he likes it after that I give him water but he drink half way and was playing with the bottle while drinking he suddenly cough and vomited all the puree he eat. It been like everything he cough and he will vomit. Even he drinks his milk.. not immediately but after awhile if he cough he will keep coughing.

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It’s okay! My baby will gag herself and vomit everything out with or without water or milk! But as she grew and I chose BLW she now can eat on her own very well at 9 months and I only did BLW for 1 month!

I think I drink too much water my son too like that when overdrank water n sometimes small portion of foods or saliva or water may cause them to cough

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Other then eating and drinking, does he usually cough? Or only aft milk and food he will cough?

5y ago

without milk not always coughing.. just sometime he cough like one or two time

any other symtoms aside for. the cough?

5y ago

No other symptoms..