I just bath my LO and when I am done one of my hand I support his neck and another hand I try to pull my towel which is place over my shoulder.. then my LO sudden want to sit up and kicks the tub and he went facing down the water I quickly flip him over and he kick again and flip back down again. He immediately start crying very loudly and swallow abit of bathing water. He start to cough out the water and vomit abit of milk. I am so worry that I try to pat him and hope he can get the water out. After all the crying and coughing. He is now asleep but still worried that will anything happen to him. Any mummies encounter this before? What should I look for if he is not okay? My LO is 2 months plus.

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If you are worried better to bring to PD immediately. When it comes to newborns better safe than sorry. I have read cases of drowning even after the kid is saved from the waters. The water gets into their lungs And slowly they will "drown"

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It's good that he managed to cough out water and vomit milk. do monitor him for a few more hours, If you still feel uncomfortable just bring to the a&e as baby is still really young.

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Monitor for 24 hours, usually it will be okay.

How old is lo?

7y ago

2 months plus