How to wean off night feed for baby?

Baby is 6 months plus now, don’t need night feeds but she still wakes up at 3+ every day.. we reduced the milk by half already and she would complain slightly. Do we just keep reducing until 0? And when wake up just carry and make her sleep..? Tried sleep training but interrupted by teething, vaccine, etc..

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It sounds like you're doing a great job with your little one! Weaning off night feeds can be a gradual process, especially at 6 months plus when they're transitioning to solid foods. Since you've already started reducing the milk by half and your baby is complaining slightly, it's a good sign that she's adjusting. Continuing to gradually decrease the amount of milk during the night feedings is a good approach. You could also try offering more milk during the day to ensure she's getting enough calories. If she wakes up at 3+, you can comfort her without necessarily offering milk. Sometimes just a gentle cuddle or a soothing touch can help them settle back to sleep. Regarding the wake-up routine, consistency is key. When she wakes up, you can try comforting her in her crib without picking her up if possible. Patting her back or softly singing to her might help her drift back to sleep without fully waking up. It's totally understandable that sleep training gets interrupted by teething, vaccinations, and other factors. Remember to be patient with both yourself and your baby during this process. Once these interruptions settle down, you can gradually reintroduce sleep training methods. In the meantime, creating a calming bedtime routine can also help signal to your baby that it's time for sleep. This could include activities like a warm bath, gentle massage, or reading a bedtime story. Hang in there, mama! You're doing a wonderful job navigating through this phase with your little one. And if you need any additional support, there are plenty of resources available, including support groups and parenting forums. Mama's Choice $18 voucher 👉🏻

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