My LO is 5 weeks old. Sometimes when he DL, he screams and cries. I think it's due to my fast letdown. We tried offering bottles and he seems to be more calm and hence tends to spit out lesser. When he DL, he will spit out a few times after every feed even when we burp him. How can I resolve this issue? I hope to continue with DL as I'm a sahm. But his fussiness at times makes it really stressful.

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Before each session of nursing, pump out some milk first, either using a pump or even hand express. This helps with the let down and after the let fown baby should be able to drink faster. Stop all bottles. You mentioned fast let downs, how often do you pump and is your milk flow very good? If let down too fast, hard for baby to drink. Crying could be due to his hunger, after which he gets frustrated. Best to get this solved asap, we do not want baby to be discouraged. Hang in mummy!!

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