My LO is 5 months. There is A lot of coming wedding event invitation and I am bringing my LO to attend..But I am confuse in what to wear? No heels? Dress? Bringing diaper bag? ? I can't decide.. omg.. how should I dress on wedding event with my LO? Pls give me some advice. Must I tie up my hair so LO can't pull it? Let my hair down?? Aiyoyo... Really I feel I am so panic. ?

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I wore covered flats. Or kitten heels/wedges. If you are nursing, i feel that long dress or knee length dress is the best. I bring a Longchamo bag Bigger size. so it's presentable too. Yes i tie my hair. Tie it high. and i tong my pony tail so it look classy! No worries mama! You can still look and feel fab!

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Dun think too much. Juz do ur face and tie up ur hair. Wear comfortably as much as possible cos u will be handling ur child in public and to prevent mess when handling him/her.

I wore a blouse and a skirt with flats to a wedding and my hair tied up. I packed light so that it was easy for me.

I wore covered flats, nursing dress and brought diaper bag haha. I saw another nursing mama wearing tube dress

Tube dress, simple, easy to feed baby yet looks presentable and elegant.

my LO sleeps around 10 - 11pm which is very unhealthy for him.