Hi, my LO 5 months going to 6 still can't sit up. I am thinking if he can still have puree when he reach 6 months even he is unable to sit up?

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At 5mths old then, my boy cant sit up too. I was worried like u, on how to feed. I put him on e high chair, with small cushions/ blankets to stuff in between e empty spaces of his seat, in front of his stomach area to prevent him from being 'wobbly'. I juz fed him like tat everytime since then, until he is able to sit independently.

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It's best to start when baby can hold their head well without support. https://www.babycenter.com/0_introducing-solids_113.bc#articlesection1 Some of the important points.

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It's okay to wait to introduce solids. Let the baby develop more. Milk is still the primary food for under 12 months.

as long as the baby can sit with support, you can start to give puree

Sit with support please, least baby choke. Be watchful all the time

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yes he can! you can prop him in a bouncing chair.

yes, puree or mashed food

yes absolutely!