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My lil boy doesnt want to drink frm bottle. He stopped after he rchd 2 months. Ive tried changing bottles and teats but still he rejected it. How do i go abt w this? I was thinking what if i start wrk and need to leave him behind. He just wants to latch directly.

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i struggled too. even got my husband or my mum to give the bottle instead but still maximum she drank like 10mls only. still, i went ahead putting her at infant care. told the teacher if she really refuse bottle, call me and i will come and latch her. surprisingly she drank from the bottle well! perhaps it's the change of environment, change of person and prolly too hungry, that's why can drink from bottle. have faith!

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both my child also, rejecting bottle from 2 months. for my first born, my mil was here to help feed and train her last time, we tried changing many types of teats still doesn't works, until her 5th month she can suck again from her initial bottle (medela). my 2nd born start rejecting from 2 months plus, I take care on my own, so doesn't matter, I latch her on demand, train her once in a while, bought a few other types of bottle and tried faster flow also not really working, I thought she might just be able to suck by herself after 5th month, but she didn't, so I waited, tried again after 6th month and she start sucking, from her initial bottle (pigeon), so i guess don't waste ur money trying so many bottles, they will eventually remember how to suck from bottle, but training them should make them to learn faster

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Went through the exact same thing. Baby needs to have bottle training. Some lactation consultants/parent crafters can help you with that. My baby’s apparently one of the toughest nuts to crack. Haha. At 4 months, we’re still struggling, but we’re getting a little better. We have to bring her into the open air outdoors where her senses are overwhelmed before she’s willing to let us put the bottle into her mouth. Even then, it takes a lot of coaxing to drink a small amount of milk. But we’re just persisting and slowly progressing. Come to think of it, my first child was like that too 😂😭 After I went back to work, my husband had to try again and again until one day, he broke through her stubbornness and she drank well from then on. Don’t worry about starving the kid. When they’re hungry, they’ll eventually drink. My daughter became really chubby for a while after she started drinking well from the bottle. Haha

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Try to get your husband or someone else to give him the bottle. Babies are smart, they know when mummy is around.

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Alrdy tried.