Wean off bottle or shud i train back bottle fed?

Since circuit breaker ive been wfh n let LO latch so he doesnt wan to drink milk frm bottle, it has been 2 months.. yesterdae i start work back, MIL say LO doesnt wan to drink anytin he rather wait for me to be home to latch him..LO 14mths now..

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Super Mum

It’s tough, but train back the bottle feeding or switch to cup feeding. Baby can’t keep starving while waiting for you, and you can’t breastfeed forever. Hang in there, dear. Retrain your LO again. It’s good that you’re at work, so that he’ll realise he has no choice but to use the bottle. My LO was like that too. Took a week for her to give up and drink from the bottle

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3y ago

Yes full cream cow’s milk is fine:)


Have to depend on individual baby. Some baby prefers bottle over cup. Have to try and error to know what suits baby the best.