Frequently falling sick

Hi, would like to know if my one year old son can eat any vitamins/supplements to improve his immunity as he has been falling sick frequently in his new ifc. And if there is, any recommended ones?

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Maybe you can try to feed vitamins C. If not, you may try dōTerra essential oils too. I apply the oils on my baby's sole of feet daily, he seldom fall sick now. Let me know if you keen to know more.

2y ago

hi, can u share with me,my LO has flu and cough frequently


Please make sure your lo has enough rest and sleep. Drink plenty of water and try vitamin C. The best is check with your pediatrician what vitamins is good for a one year old

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I give vitamin c, organic type, meshed and give my daughters..

Consult a doctor before you give anything

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Yes, can start your son off with vitamin C

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Ensure your LO has sufficient rest.

Consult doctor