Pregnancy myth that makes no sense

Let's share the worst pregnancy myths we have all heard!

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1) Eating crabs will make your baby have extra fingers (whutttt). 2) Drinking chocolate milk will cause the child to have a darker skin tone (*facepalm*). 3) Stare at handsome/pretty faces so baby will come out handsome/pretty. Alternatively don't look at ugly things else baby will look like that Eg if you like teletubbies your baby will look like one. And this myth I'm 50/50 as to whether it's positive or negative. I'm neutral about it but it fascinates me cos I know plenty of mommys doing it in many cultures, even here in Europe. Just put it here for fun: 4) Expecting mommys should carry tiny scissors or sharp objects like nails in her bag to protect her and baby from evil spirits.

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