Pregnancy myth that makes no sense

Let's share the worst pregnancy myths we have all heard!

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Don't use the scissors to cut anything on the bed. Baby may have broken eyebrows. Don't hammer anything. Baby may have pokemarks. Baby will bite a lot if you eat crabs. Your placenta may detach from the amniotic sac if you eat squid head.

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1. don't drink sugarcane juice (baby might have jaundice). 2. don't visit zoo (baby might be born looking like animals) 3. Look at posters of spiritual gurus (baby will be the path of peace right from birth).

Apparently there is a belief that says, staring at beautiful people will make your child beautiful. Silly and uncomfortable and creepy to the person you're staring at constantly.

Some Chinese pregnancy myths: 1. Using scissors will cause baby to have hare lip 2. Hammering will cause baby to have pockmarks or spots 3. No attending weddings

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1. Eat twin bananas to get twins. 2. Swallow raw egg for a smooth delivery. 3. If you are experiencing severe morning sickness, you'll most likely have a baby girl.

Cannot watch cartoons if not child will look like a toon. Cannot make dumplings for dumplings festival. Cannot look at monkeys because will give birth to monkey

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1. no painting if not bb will get birthmarks. 2. no going out late at night 3. no cutting nails or objects on the bed or bb will have cleft lips.

If you're not glowing like you don't care if you look pretty or not then it's a boy but that's not my case, it's a girl! ❤💗💕💖

If it's a girl it will steal away your beauty and if you receive presents before 7 months it will bring bad luck on the pregnancy.

My mother refrained from watching The Monkey God (Journey to the West) for fear that I will turn out behaving like him. ;p