Cutting hair during pregnancy

Hi mummies, can i ask if anyone heard of during pregnancy cannot cut hair. it’s more like a chinese superstition myths. 😅 what is the reason behind it?

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Never heard before. What I do hear from the older folks though is to cut the hair short as it gets hot when pregnant, and to cut one more time before delivery so you don't feel so hot during confinement if you don't wash your hair.

😂 A friend told me not to cut before knowing the gender cos it might 'cut' away the bird and become a baby girl. We know baby's gender early cos I did NIPT. But I still waited until reaching tri 2 then I went to cut hair.

Never heard of. Only know pregnant women are advise to cut their hair cos it will be very hot and they cannot wash hair during confinement.

Never heard before! I went to cut during 2nd trimester cause 1st trimester too sick to get out of bed.

I heard it before but i just go cut my hair


why not, never heard of this

No leh. Y cant 😂😂

2y ago

Nv hear before. Anyway i cut during pregnancy a couple of times n deliver 2 mths ago lol