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Newborn with different haircolour
Just two days ago I gave birth to my little girl and was a bit surprised about the color of her hair, which for some reason turned out to be lightbrown.. while both my husband and I have black hair. I
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Hey very normal to have a child with diffrent hair colour, my daughter was born ginger both me and her dad are brown haired.
Delivery without an epidural..?
I'm currently 36 weeks pregnant and considering skipping the epidural for the delivery, mainly due to my fear of needles 😂! I simply would like to know how other moms did experience their delivery wi
I have epidural but the last needle didn’t went in, so it’s still pain after the water bag burst. I think most importantly is to talk to your baby often now. To tell the baby to come out fast fast. L
maaf saya tidak bisa berbahasa inggris
Anyone on clothdiapering your newborn?
I'm about to deliver soon and I would love to hear the experience of other moms; how did you start clothdiapering and with how many diapers (covers, inserts, fitted, etc)??
I started buying 7 cloth diapers only back when my child is newborn. I'm only using them by day time. Disposable diapers at night.