Let's share, during parenthood, what makes you worry?

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The things i do, if they are correct. I constantly face guilt issues too. Especially when i lose my temper, self blame too. Having constantly to worry if i am doing the right thing, if i am doing the best, if baby will be okay, if baby will grow up well. I would say all parents have pretty much the same worries. What about you? I hope its not just me having excessive worries.

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one of the biggest things that worries me is what if my and my partner's opinion on the way we bring up our kids don't match..while mostly it does, it is also true that in quite a few areas we think differently, which is also natural. also, how to control a situation during arguments at home so that it does not affect kids.

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At the moment my newborn sleeps a lot and he is not feeding as often as I'd like him to or as much as he should. No matter how much I try to wake him up, he usually doesn't wake up at that time. So my worry is that. He might end up not gaining the expected weight if I don't do something about it on time.😔

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Worry that I’m not doing enough/something right by her because she can’t speak for herself n is completely reliant on me to make all the decisions for her wellbeing! Scared to make wrong decisions n cause her harm


First phase: baby’s health. Then what primary school to go to then am I teaching him to be a good person with the right principles and attitude towards life

Babies childhood as my Mil is always away from home. telling lies creating rift between us. Where he will be disappointed disturbed

I worry about Everything. Because it's the first time i have a baby

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I would say mummy's guilt. the guilt in literally everything you do.

Worry that I won’t be able to give enough time to my baby