Baby’s weight before delivery

Hi! For those who gave birth at KKH (subsidised), were there any other scans scheduled after the growth scan (and before delivery) that would let you know baby’s weight? I did the growth scan at 28 weeks and baby’s weight was 1.24kg. Doctor said that it’s a good weight and growth is on track. Just wondering if there would be any more of such scans before EDD.

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Oh.. I tot 28 weeks is OGTT. Usually another scan is at 32 weeks

2y ago

There won’t be until week 40, if you haven’t delivered. I suggest you request for one, cause I did today and found out my baby has been rapidly growing till 3.6kg, I’m currently 39weeks and stressed out now. While my friend under private KKH does scans every appt and doc managed to slow her baby’s weight gain. Pls request for a scan to check for weight even if the consultant nurse discourages it.