I might have a miscarriage?? Any advice??

My last period was 19th jan.. tested positive for pregnancy on 22nd Feb.. by that calculation i should be more than 7 weeks pregnant.. in my ultrasound no heart beat was detected and the doc said the baby looked about 5 weeks old.. i also had a tiny bit of spotting yesterday, so doctor told me to be mentally prepared for a miscarriage.. i have been called for a scan 2 weeks later, i just feel so numb right now

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Hi hi, I wouldn’t wait 2 weeks to scan again… I would advise you to see another gynae asap. If it’s a threatened miscarriage there is still hope. I had brown spotting at week 5, my gynae was afraid that it could be another miscarriage(i miscarried last year too) , he instructed strict bed rest and I’m treated with weekly progesterone injection. My spotting has stopped ever since and I’m seeing my gynae every week for scan. I’m now at week 9, so far everything is looking bright. Sending positivity to you 🩵

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2mo ago

Hey there, thank you for your kind words.. i have actually been prescribed progesterone tablets for vaginal insertion.. have to just wait and watch now.. hope you and your baby are healthy and well 😊