Earliest baby movements?

Last night I had the weirdest feelings on my stomach. There's a sensation of a fluttering in my stomach. I know it's definitely not gas and it's very clear on it position.Is it baby movements? I'm only 10 weeks 3 days thou. I read you could only feel kicks from 20 weeks up.

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Not unless if this is your second pregnancy onwards, perhaps u could feel movements earlier. Otherwise, doubt you will feel it this early.

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Is the fluttering sensation a one time feeling? The earliest u are able to feel baby mild movements is from around 15 or 16 weeks of pregnancy.

3y ago

Getting into 10 weeks, a few times I felt 1x "movement". Last night it was 3to4 times. I wanted to laugh cos it felt weird. It's not the gassy growling feel.

I read that it’s called “twitches” and it happens because of our expanding uterus.

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Movements happen from 16th week onwards (:

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Fr abt 3-4 weeks

3y ago

So early? But 3-4 weeks is not fetus yet?


3y ago

You gave me some hopes. Haha..