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Hi ladies, I've been drinking nescafe original ice coffee for almost 10yrs every morn. Sometimes 2-3 cans per day. Since knowing abt pregnancy, I try stopping but m getting headaches, sleepy n moody. M gng to 2nd trimester soon. Is it OK to have 1 can per day? Doc mentioned 1 cup is OK. Is 1 cup = 1 can? Since stopping, increased intake in sugary drinks which beats the point. How do u ladies stop drinking coffee???

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I'm a coffee addict for my life, everyday without failed. Like u said, any day without coffee will make myself uncomfortable, feeling sick. Ever since i get pregnant, I've never drink a sip of coffee then. Initially, it was rather torturing and i kept having that urge of drinking, but i mng to suppress my urge, for the sake of baby. I then realized, whatever discomfort like headache, sleepy, moody etc without coffee are just excuses, not the real body signal. It's more of a habit that we can quit and our body will eventually adapt to life without caffeine, no issue at all. Initially i substitute the coffee with Milo once in a while, knowing that it's also not good on drinking milo daily. I now drink warm fresh milk + black sesame powder, sometimes with manuka honey. It's good for baby & mother, for calcium, and nutrition. Am happy that i made it. Perhaps you should also give it a try :)

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Oh! I may try ur suggestion! Thanks!

All 3in1 drinks have tons of sugar. If caffeine is what you are looking for, make coffee yourself (ie: powder + water + milk) or buy those Kopi siew dai. However, if it’s sugar you are after, you may still to reduce these sugary drinks especially there could be potential GD risk

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I do drink coffee or tea during preg. 1 can per day. Otherwise will headache and cant function.

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how about trying to share a full can ?

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Change to chocolate or milk tea ?

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1 can a day should be alright:)

Once a day ok.