Can or no?

36 weeks, still drinking either tea or milo, 1 cup per day. Is it ok?

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For tea best not to drink everyday at least drink 2 cups per week and for milo it is safe to drink everyday but do look out for sugar level dont cross over it can already

milo is ok. just that too much may cause constipation coz heaty. as for tea, ginger tea and chamomile tea is fine. look out for those without caffeine.

U have been drinking it everyday and now already 36th weeks with no issue. what’s there to worry?

Yup no problem. Just 1 cup is fine. Even hospitals serves you tea, coffee or milo after birth.

Its totally fine. Even the hospital will provide you milo

Yes it is alright. Juz dont take more than 1 cup


I had Milo 2 bottles daily I think it's fine

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It’s okay...can drink 1 cup per day


Yes, i drink it once a day every day.

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No issues. 1 cup a day is fine.