What is PCOS?

Hi, i heard or come about PCOS in one of the article. How do you know if you have PCOS? And where do you go for consultation if you want to get checked?

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my menses got more n more irregular as I age. esp after 21 years old. I'm 33 now and it's as irregular as once a year. went to NUH and they did a scan, the scan showed follicles bunched up together, like many holes. put on birth control and it's useless, realise majority of e gynaes in Singapore have no proper solution for PCOS. its all birth control and diabetes medication which doesn't directly aid PCOS. I started researching more and bought inositol from Amazon, I exercise and lost some weight, still didn't had menses regularly but I ovulated and that's how I am pregnant now.

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Common symptoms will be irregular menses and cramps. I do have pcos and its very common among women. Pcos may cause difficulties to be pregnant. It also depends on how severe it is. Usually you will need to take a blood test during your 1st or 2nd day of menses if i recalled correctly. I went to a private gyane clinic to do the check. Once confirmed i had pcos, i was put on medication to adjust my hormones and given ovulation medication to help with getting pregnant. I am now pregnant at 33 weeks. So there are still possibilities to be pregnant even if you have pcos.

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1y ago

I didn't know i have pcos, i went to see the gyane as i was trying for a baby for a year but to no avail. Thus i was referred to a gyane from my gp when i told my gp i got irregular menses and was trying for a baby for a year.

I am diagnosed PCOS made worse after ovarian cyst op so only one Fallopian tube is working. Had irregular menses since menses started but didn’t think about it much (good for sports and travel) until married and planning for baby. Advice given was to take supplements to try regulate your menses and condition your body. Finally gotten pregnant using an ovulation kit.

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One of the obvious sign is that ur menses are irregular or have long cycles. You can go polyclinic & get referral to kkh

1y ago

Okay noted. Thanks alot.

It can be diagnosed through an ultrasound. Your gynae would have mentioned it if u had it

Polyclinic . They would then refer u to Kkh . All the best