do i need to take mc or leave for pregnancy checkup?

will kkh issue mc when we go for checkup?

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Ahli VIP

Depends on your doctor but most will issue MC for checkup if you request. Inform your company that you have medical appointment that day, and submit the mc after. Do keep note that you probably only have 14 days MC in total for the year

When I went for my first checkup at KKH few weeks ago, the doc offered me MC. Already applied AL cus I didnt know (first timer lol). Was told that as long as we have consultation with a doc, MC will be given. So yup!

I see my gynae at tmc. And I know they always will ask if I need a MC but lucky for me my company has this medical visit leave so I just use that. It doesn't affect my MC or any other leave. Hehe

I know nuh doesn't. they will issue time sheet to stated that you are in hospital during that period of time. my company accept the timesheet for my check up (mostly 2 hours)

either full day mc or at least time chit, which excuses you from work for specific time. doc will take into account your traveling time also

Ahli VIP

They will issue Mc if you ask for it. Else can check if you can get some time off flexibility from your manager

Ahli VIP

They did issue me when I requested for it during my checkup.

Yes they will issue it if u request for it.

Ahli VIP

For my gynae they will ask if i wan mc.

U can request mc from ur gynae.