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Hi all , ive been losing my appetite .. Nothing looks appetizing and ive been vomitting wateva intake ... Alwaes feeling hungry .. Pls help !!

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Try eating plain crackers - i read that helps with nausea as it absorbs the extra acid from your stomach. Could also try drinking ginger tea with honey, and adding cut lemon slices to chilled water. I ate a lot of chilled fruits during this period. Warm and hot foods tend to be stronger in smell and that can cause more nausea. Hang in there!

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I got the same issue. Everytime I see food, either I don't want to eat it coz it isn't what I feel like having or I end up vomiting just by looking. Did alot of try and error and finally figure out that I can only eat light food. Nothing too filling but just enough to last 2-4 hours.

Thats quite normal. U may get doc to prescribe anti-nausea pills for u. Do try to have small snacks such as biscuits, bread, and drink little sips too as u wouldnt want to have an empty stomach.

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Hi... you might wanna try some of the remedies suggested in this article https://sg.theasianparent.com/morning_sickness_tummy_friendly_food_roshni_mahtani

Try drinking lemon juice with water n eating crackers. They helped me during my 1st trimester. Hang in there.

Quite normal. Try to eat abit and see what can make u eat better

My wife also experiencing it. Normal

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try healthy snacking

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Take mint drops

Drink water