Am I being selfish at 39 weeks?

I’ve been having very painful aches which I know is normal. However I still drive to send and fetch my husband to and from work everyday (he works in fnb, so it’s the only way I have more time with him). Today he prioritised going to watch a football match with the neighbours at midnight rather than be with me even though we already have so little time together. And I’m sure it’s also bc he knows I fetch him from work just now and tmr morning I will be sending him again. Am I being selfish..? I feel like part of me is, but a bigger part of me needs him also during this last lap.. it’s not easy being alone in the day in pain everywhere. I let him make the decision after telling him I’m in pain today. He still decided to go for the match instead of he with me. Im so heartbroken that I find myself wishing my baby would come sooner so that he would pay more attention to me or something. Or maybe it’s just my hormones. Idk. Just needed to rant bc im not sure why this is affecting me so much.. #1stimemom

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Your situation needs a lot of compromise and understanding from both parties. Completely understand you need extra attention at this last lap and being at constant discomfort is not helping also. Your feelings are valid. 🧡 For his case, assuming he does not always hang out with his friends, he also needs a "break" and it may help rejuvenate himself for the new chapter in life too. After baby is out, confirm he is not encouraged to hang out. Express each others' point of view and feelings. You can also request a nice simple date at home for extra attention.

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it’s not hormones and you’re definitely not being selfish. however you have to communicate your feelings and needs to him.. have you tried?