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isit a must to give door gift to guest that came for baby 1st month celebration? ? if yes, what door gift should I prepare?

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Are you referring to the typical cakes/kueh that accompany the 1st celebration? We gave bengawan solo cake vouchers. More convenient and guests can redeem at any outlet whenever they wish.

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My friend gave her guests hand sanitizers. Very useful door gift and can remind guests to sanitise their hands. She printed the thank you labels on the hand sanitizers herself.

3y ago

omg super good idea!!

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We didn’t give. Usually is the red egg and all but we actually cater for better buffet lines and Nutella blossom with baby name. So everyone can take.

We didn’t give, just some some goodies bags with candies for the kids only. Before the celebration already gave our guests the full month kueh.

I feel it is not a must for door gift. Other than the regular buffet, I'm planning to order red eggs, ang ku kueh and cupcakes for the guests.

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It's up to you:) there are many commercial ones available, or you could just give something simple. It's really up to you.

Hi, You can prepare cupcakes and give them. It is more personalised that way

We had red eggs, ang ku kueh and cupcakes that the guests could take home.


For me i didn't give. Just prepare some red eggs will do.

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Previously I give the pack from sweetest moment.