Is it true that weaning definitely will have to go through engorgement? Does weaning (due multiple medical advices from few different Doctors) has to be so emotional and stressful ? What are the ways to make it easier..

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If you have no choice but to wean your baby, allow your body to adjust by gradually decreasing the pumping (in replacement of baby's feeding) sessions. You can refer to this article for some tips on easing engorgement: Remember that what you are doing is probably best for you and your baby (since most of your doctors are recommending this). Don't be too hard up on yourself and adapt to the changes slowly if possible. Talk to your loved ones for some emotional support during this period. All these will have make the process more bearable for you. Take care!!

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How old is your baby? Up to 1 y/o, baby's main nutrition come from breastmilk, while after that the milk supplement his food intake. So what i do is, from 6 to 12months, i give food to my LO not so much. He learns different tastes, textures and skilss to handle his food (chewing, holding etc). Approaching 12months, usually LO will eat more semi solid or solid food to satisfy his hunger. By getting in sync with your baby need, your breast also slowly will decrease its production. Therefore, make your LO mealtimes fun, don't mind the food and time amount so much, follow your kid's interest too...good luck!

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I think weaning is about preparation. Both you and your baby should be prepared for this event. Try by decreasing the frequency of breastfeeding, distract him with something more interesting when he asks more. By the time, he will learn that breastfeeding is not for him anymore :)

Thank you for the kind words , Will study the article and relevant thoroughly to see how it can help

Currently Lo is less than 6 months and also sudden weaning due to medical Advices..