Is it true that a solar eclipse is harmful for a pregnant woman?

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I personally view an eclipse as a natural phenomenon, in which the sun, moon and earth are in one single line. However, I’ve heard beliefs or superstitions in which an eclipse is viewed as a bad omen and could harm a pregnant lady or her baby. Here is an interesting article that discuss this issue from both the cultural and scientific point of view: I agree with the article that it is good to stay indoors and not watching the eclipse with naked eyes. These are sound advice even for people who are not pregnant. The article also mentioned another common advice which is not the eat, drink or cook during an eclipse. It is interesting to know that there is a logical scientific reason for not doing those. In all, I think if it puts your mind at ease to follow the advice to help minimize any potential harm on your baby, there is no harm in following some of the restrictions for that few hours. Here are some common restrictions believed to help keep a pregnant mum and her baby safe during an eclipse (taken from: - not using any sharp object such as a knife, scissors or a needle for the duration of the eclipse - not eating anything for the duration of the eclipse - resting as much as possible during the eclipse - covering the windows with newspaper or thick curtains so that no rays of the eclipse enter the home - throwing away all cooked food from before the eclipse - taking a bath after the eclipse is over

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I personally have never heard about any myths surrounding an eclipse, but perhaps that's just me living under a rock! This really intrigued me so I went off to do some research, and found this very helpful website: Which also does state that the correlations between eclipses and pregnancies are myths, and there is no concrete evidence to support them.

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Hi, this is a very tender and mystical topic. In such cases it's best to seek advice from An Experienced Vedic Astrologer. Visit this link to know more -

"Though many scientists argue there is no solid ground in such believes, pregnant woman for years have found faith in these precautions."

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It is all based on cultural and family belief. There is no scientific evidence behind this. Here is more info:

It's a myth there is no such effect but ya don't look directly at sun, it's much easier to do during eclipse but that could harm your eyes

Have never heard of this before! How interesting.