Can I drink old cucumber soup?

I’m in my week 18. And after my dinner of old cucumber soup (those that can be bought at kopitiam), realized it’s a “cooling” food and should be avoided for pregnant woman!! I never knew that. Is that really harmful? Will anything happen to my baby? :(

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Old cucumber soup might be too cooling and not safe for the body. It is definitely not safe for pregnancy, but do not worry, take care of these things in future and avoid them :) Happy Pregnancy!

it is OK to eat/drink in moderation. not to worry so much, just avoid it next time if u worry personally I drank it quite often during my pregnancy, nothing is wrong to my boy

I didn't know that and my mum cook for me the other day.... So far still OK leh. Maybe counter by eating heaty food?

Pregnant lady who drink old cucumber soup should be cautious while consuming this. Best to completely avoid it.

Don't worry now if you don't have any other health issue. Be careful when you eat some other food in future.

I can tell from my personal experience that old cucumber soup isn't safe for pregnancy.

I don't recommend a pregnant lady to drink old cucumber soup.

It's best that pregnant lady don't drink old cucumber soup.