Is it okay for my child to have white bread? He seems to like it more than whole wheat/brown bread

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To compare the two, whole grains are foods that contain every part of the grain, including the outer layers, bran and germ while white grains are processed and have the bran removed which is where many of the nutrients are stored. Thus white bread end up having less nutritional value compared to whole grain bread. For children, you can offer a variety of breads and cereals each day but of course, best is to choose predominately wholegrain products. I reckon you can buy fortified white bread in which the lost nutrients have been replaced by the manufacturer since your child likes it so much. Gardenia Enriched White Bread is one of these types of breads - it is enriched with vitamins and minerals, fortified with calcium and iron to provide the extra goodness and nourishment that your child needs. That being said, wholegrain foods are still the best option.

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I personally prefer my daughter to have wholemeal or multigrain bread, as it is much richer in dietary fibre. Although we are perfectly happy for her to have an occasional sandwich made of white bread. The bigger culprits to look out for in bread are things like palm oil and levels of sugar and salt. if you can, find bread that has no added sugar, salt, or dairy. Then it does not matter so much if it is brown or white.

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I have been asking myself the same question Avantika. Honestly, I prefer when my son eats whole wheat, brown, or multi-grain bread as it has more dietary fiber and can contain a multitude of additional nutrients. I try to avoid toast bread since toast has less texture. Our helper bakes banana bread with raisins and without sugar. Tastes great!

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Definitely. Having different types of bread will let them taste different texture and taste of bread. This is good and you are also able to share with them the nutrition level of each type. Although wheat based is better but for kids, they aren't aware therefore you can take te opportunity to share the piece of information with them.

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I was told brown bread can be too filling (due to the amount of fibre) that can fill little ones tummies up so they aren't eating other foods that they need to give them a range of nutrients. I was advised to give white bread to start with. My boy now (18months) has a mixture of brown and white.

It's absolutely okay for your kid to like white bread, and its okay for him to want it too. White bread, is naturally more delicious seeing as it has more sugar, while wholemeal bread is the healthier choice with more grains and nutrients in it.

I think it is good to expose them to various type of bread type so that as they grow, they will not be picky with foods.