Any recommended brand for bread maker? My family love to eat bread so I think is more healthier if I can make bread for them.

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I've read good reviews for Zojirushi. It is slightly more expensive than some other brands but they have some smaller version that is good for smaller families (you can make 1pound, approx 450g, bread). Momorice carries this brand:

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I have the automatic bread maker from Panasonic. It's seriously one of the best appliances I have. You pretty much throw in the ingredients and wait for the bread to bake. Costs about 300sgd but well worth the price I reckon.

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6y ago

Harvey Norman or Best Denki should carry this brand. It's about 329SGD.

oven is better can use for many other things. no need to get specifically a bread maker. I'm very bad at dough making though

if you have oven, you can just knead bread... is quite easily done.. no need to buy breadmaker just to make bread.


Previously I was using Donlim, now me using TMX and oven. If you are interested, i can let go my Donlim :P

A normal rice cooker or oven will do. Old school method is always the best and safe way😊


Breville is a good brand. Have been using it on and off for several years now

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I have been using Morphy richards from a very long time.

We've been using Breville for years

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Check out Panasonic