I really have a craving for white bread? Is it okay if I have it throughout my second trimester?

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White bread serves as a good source of some B vitamins, iron, calcium and folic acid, but only because manufacturers add these nutrients back into the flour. White bread may actually contain more folic acid (vitamin B-9), compared to whole grain bread due to the enriching process. Folic acid helps to prevent neural tube defects in pregnant women. Additionally, white bread serves as a good source of calcium, necessary for strong bones and teeth, and iron, which supports the formation of healthy red blood cells. As with everything, eat white bread in moderation especially if you plan to have other ingredients on the bread e.g jams, spreads, meats etc. Some of these items might not be good if consumed in excess e.g. deli meats like ham, salami, bologna (that are not thoroughly heated), jams (too much preservatives and sugar).

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Yes, I craved for white bread too as I find it is chewy and it has become my comfort food during my pregnancy. However, it is best to make own bread using bread machine as the bread bought from market contains bleached flour and more sugar content. Alternatively, you can purchase organic bread from the stores below: http://theorganicbaker.com/ http://www.haubis.sg/ http://budofjoy.com/

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I agree, for white bread cravings during pregnancy, it's best to make it at home if possible as many bakers do tend to process it to such a level that the nutrients vanish.